Racks and terrariums for reptiles - ATM Racks

Racks and terrariums for reptiles

Galvanized aluminum or PVC - ATM Racks

Galvanized aluminum or PVC

Adapted to today's needs - ATM Racks

Adapted to today's needs

Great experience in the sector - ATM Racks

Great experience in the sector

The best investment for you and your pet - ATM Racks

The best investment for you and your pet

Racks and terrariums for reptiles

All the reptile need lives in a specific around, so we must be to create an adapted space for everyone, a quality terrarium is one of the keys for success for the raising and care fro the reptile.

ATM RACKS have main objective, offer a durable and resistant product, result of our experience in the sector.

Our racks and terrarium are adapted to today's needs and our customers economic possibilities. No doubt RACKS ATM is the best investment for you and your pet.

Racks and terrarium can be made with galvanized or PVC that can resist temperatures up 80ºC, with crystals of 4mm up 6mm.

Cheap terrariums for reptiles. Glass and aluminum or PVC

ATM RACKS have a wide range of terrariums, made of PVC or aluminum.

Terrariums for chameleons, iguanas, snakes, tortoises

Topcoats and use of the best materials represent the ATM Racks main feature.

We have the desert terrarium you're looking for

The silver lacquered aluminum sheets 1.5mm thick and 2mm in diameter give high hardness when installing any lighting system.

Our desert terrariums include all the elements necessary for your reptile

The side holes, located at different heights, allowing a regular and permanent ventilation. The grids incorporate tabs to facilitate the introduction of any kind of electric cable.

Terrariums standard measures

Option racks nylon wheel brake.

Terrariums reinforced

As a security measure strengthened the terrarium with screws.

Please contact with our advisers for choose the best selection for you.

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